Choosing to deal with Optus – utter madness??

To us, the secret to living a successful life, is to surround ones self with individuals and organisations with ordinary email addresses, and when you use them, you get helpful quality responses within reasonable time frames – it’s that simple.

The website, lists over 100 Australian companies that are in the business of providing assistance to those wishing to connect to the internet, with so many having ordinary email addresses.

Why would anyone choose Optus, when they’re virtually uncontactable – not an ordinary email address in sight? Utter madness!!! Our experience with them has been atrocious.

Of course, it’s an expense to have people on hand to provide high quality responses that are really helpful, and it would seem that organisations like Optus see themselves as successful enough while avoiding this expense. But that’s no reason for you and I to deal with them when there are organisations around that take a different approach.

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