Dealing with Optus

One of our readers had been using Optus to connect to the internet for some time while he was residing in a certain rented unit, but he moved from that address on 23 January, 2023, in the following circumstances. Firstly, he was admitted to the Westmead Government hospital, and then they considered he was so ill that they would only consider releasing him to an Aged Care facility, not to his rented unit. So he was moved into an Aged Care facility on 14 February, 2023, where he’s been residing ever since.

Since then, he says, he’s spent a least an hour trying everything to let Optus know about these circumstances, all to no avail. As readers can see for themselves, there are no ordinary email addresses in sight. He says he’s been given two different 6 figure codes to use, but no matter what he does, he always ends up with this, which, as some one in his late 80s, he finds impossible to use.

So what’s been happening in the last five and a half months?

Our reader says Optus has been taking $80.37 out of his bank account every month. (Our reader says he contacted his bank to get them to stop allowing this, but hasn’t got on very well with this either.) AND, Optus has been sending him threatening letters saying he owes them more. Until, on 30 June, he got a letter from a debt collecting organisation, saying they’d received instructions to sue him for another $750.17.

So over $400 out of his bank account, plus another $750 – over $1,150, for 5 months in which they haven’t been providing him with any services!

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